Ready To Use Software Package

We have developed few accounting packages which can be used immediately.

The following are some of our packaged softwares:

Trust 5

Trust 5 is a software developed for managing accounts of NGO (non-profit organisation). It handles accounts of both domestic fund and foreign funds (FCRA Donations). It also keep tracks of project wise income and expenses. One of its kind, it is widely used in India. The current buyers will get a free update to Trust 2012. (Expected to launch before April 2015).

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A small yet very effective and simple to use accounting package. The accounts can be kept by anyone having no idea about accounting.

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School is a software for the management of the schools. With this you can manage Student Fees History, Teachers Pay, Accounting. You can also track student defaulter list and print teachers pay slip. Our accounting package WinAmpl has been integrated into this packages. Hence this provide a single interface for managing students, teachers and accounts.

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Trust 2012

Trust 2012, is the latest version of our accounting package designed for NGO. It handles accounts for domestic funds, foreign funds and project wise receipt and payment account. It is very easy to use. Reports can be printed on DOT Matrix printer or laser printer. Most of the reports can be exported to Excel files as well.

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DbfDigg is a utility package for database files (DBF). A lot of application still uses DBF Files and these formats are still being widely used in Business Application. These application were mainly developed for old DOS Format and to run them smoothly under Windows (especially under Windows 7) is a pain.

Our utility makes it easy for you to have a look at the data. We also provide functionality to generate SQL Statements for these files. These can be of help to you if you want to migrate your database to SQL Server. You can also execute SQL Like command on your DBF Files with this utility.

This utility is available in three variations. The light mode is FREE. The pro and pro plus version helps in executing SQL commands over your database files (DBF). The utility can handle memo fields of Clipper Files as well. It handles DBF files of FoxPro, dBase, and Clipper.

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We have also developed some exciting applications for Android phones, Android tablets and other devices.
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