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DBFDigg is a utility application to browse and update DBF Files (database files generated by Clipper, FoxPro and dBase). You can browse the database and enter SQL command to add new information or update existing information.

What is DBF Files

In the MS-DOS era, a lot of business application were written in language which uses DBF Files. Currently, they are mostly unsupported and new generation of users, do not know much about such files and how to have a look into these files.

What is DBFDigg

DBFDigg helps you in accessing your dbf Files. You can browse your Dbase Files, you can see their structure and you can issue sql command to manipulate data in those DBF Files. Opening those files under other programs such as Excel is not a smooth operation always.

DBFDigg can run on Windows XP and later machine on both 32bit and 64bit versions.

DBFDigg is available in both a Lite version (FREE) and a Pro Version ($24.99).

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LITE Version


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  • Free
  • browse dbf files (Clipper, FoxPro, dBase)
  • view structure of the dbf files
  • view details of your PRG files.
  • Limited Support
  • Many More …



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PRO Version


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  • All the features of the Lite Version.
  • issue SQL Like command on your DBF Files to update the datas
  • generate sql command to create tables on MSSQL etc.
  • generate insert command to insert datas into SQL Tables.
  • Free update for a period of one year
  • Support by Email
  • Many More …








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