School-Manage Your school easily

School (Win) is a complete package for the management of School. It takes care of Accounting, Fees Management and Salary. It is completely menu driven. It is developed for use in Windows 9x machine and are highly user friendly.

Target Users

SCHOOL is very useful for small and large school. School having a capacity of even 100 student can get the their investment back in 3 months. Besides, tracking fees receipt from students, its payroll system is highly time saving. This can be used in school of any kind which involves fees and teachers.

Key Benefits

Accounting Information
SCHOOL has full accounting system integrated with your student and teacher database. You can print your day books such as cash book etc., ledger, profit & loss account and balance sheet etc. For more information on accounting module, please refer here.
Student Database
Student Database can be created using SCHOOL. This database contains all the particulars about a student including caste, religion, sex, home address, present address, date of birth, blood group etc. Different types of student list can be printed. Students can be promoted to next class.
Fees Tracking
Unlimited number of fees can be tracked for each individual student. Fees could be monthly, annual and optional fees i.e. fees required to be paid by some student only like computer fees etc. Defaulter list can be generated as well as student wise fees ledger can be printed. Very good for sending reminders to parents. This can be very effective in tracking the receipt of fees. Fees can be received in any bank account or in cash by school.
Fees received are posted to accounting data and there is no need to enter the same information again in accounting module.
Salary Management
A database of employee and teachers can be maintained. Salary of employees can be generated by this programme. Programme can prepare pay sheet, pay advice, salary ledger and advice required to be given to the bank. A yearly teacher wise fees statement can be printed.
Easy And Useful Reports
  • You can print all kinds of report including cash book, bank book, journal etc.
  • You can print trial balance, income & expenditure account, Receipt and Payment Account, Balance Sheet as well.
  • You can print these reports for internal, foreign transaction as well as consolidated transaction (for preparing your income tax returns)
Data Back Up & Restore System
School has excellent back up and restore facility. The software takes an automatic back up of your data file on the hard disk every 7 days and ask you to take on floppy every 14 days.
Easy to use input Screen
The input screens are easy to use. You can add new accounts and other codes while making the entries. You can also start a calculator with tape if you press * + – / while on amount field. For date field, you can display a calendar as required.
While entering account and other names, you can enter just a few letters of the code and the rest will be automatically filled in.
We provide all kind of support to enable you to use our products efficiently. You can write by mail, fax or email. For Support, visit our support page.
Prints on Dot Matrix Printer
We have made special modules so that although you work under Windows, you can print report from School easily on a Dot Matrix Printer. Normally, when you print report from Windows on an ordinary printer, the print out are not good and they take longer to print and also hard on the printer. We understand accounting report can be lengthy and printing through windows could be a nightmare. Not with the report from School.


INR – Rs. 9,500/- with one year support and free upgrades

System Requirements

  • Any PC Running Windows 98 or later
  • 128MB RAM (256 MB Preferred)
  • CD Rom Drive to install software
  • Printer to Print reports
  • 20mb free space on your hard disk