Trust 5 – Accounting for Non-Accountants

Trust 5Trust is a software to help NGO (not for profit organisation) in maintaining their accounts properly and as required by law. This can help in keeping accounts for internal accounts, foreign accounts and for project. Accounts are grouped by Account Heads, Projects and Sub account heads such as Cement etc. This software can generate report for submission to Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Target Users

Trust is targeted to NGO. It is a must for those NGO who are receiving foreign donation and who are are executing projects for and on behalf of others.

Key Benefits

User Specific
Trust 5 has been developed keeping a specific type of user in mind. It has not been adopted from any business accounting software. It is useful for NGO’s and Societies and a must have for those receiving foreign donation.
Exclusive Feature
  • Being designed for a specific group of users, many exclusive features relevant for such specific users has been included in the software.
  • Integrated Foreign, Internal and Project Accounts
  • You can account your internal accounts, foreign accounts with details of various projects under one software and under one menu system.
  • You can print report of foreign transactions, internal transactions as well as project report.
Extended Project Support
  • Now you have complete project account under the software. You can enter budget figures and in case, you have a project which is an old one and still continuing, you can add old receipts and expenses. Besides, you can also enter local contribution, supervision expenses etc. (Notional Receipts and Expenses). They are not included in your cash book.
  • You can enter sub details of project expenses such as on cement, wages etc. and print report which give details of such expenses as well.
  • This is now more useful than ever with CARITAS insisting on submitting project account on revised formats.
Easy And Useful Reports
  • You can print all kinds of report including cash book, bank book, journal etc.
  • You can print trial balance, income & expenditure account, Receipt and Payment Account, Balance Sheet as well.
  • You can print these reports for internal, foreign transaction as well as consolidated transaction (for preparing your income tax returns)

You can also print reports such as

  • Particular of Foreign Donation received and spent (FC-3)
  • List of institutional donation
  • List of individual donation above Rs. 1 lacs
  • List of other donation
  • Country wise list of donation
Prepare required details
So far computerised accounts were not suitable for preparing expenses details for submitting to home ministry and income tax dept. We have taken some precautions. Now you can print reports of such expenses for submission to home ministry and income tax dept.
Data Back Up & Restore System
Trust 5 has excellent back up and restore facility. The software takes an automatic back up of your data file on the hard disk every 7 days and ask you to take on floppy every 14 days.
No Accounting year
Yes. With version 5 you need not worry about setting the software every year. The same database continues year after year.
Master code files
We have implemented a feature whereby you can decide if you want to have same code files for all the societies of which you are maintaining accounts. For example, if you are doing accounts for three society on a single computer, you can have one donor file which is used by all the Societies. By default, all the Society shares the same Home Ministry Group File and Income tax Group File. For entering name of Country, Trust has predefined names of more than 180 countries. You can add or change the list as you wish.
Activity Based Input forms
Menu and input system of Trust 5 are based on your activity. For example, ‘Payment of Advances’, ‘Receipt of Donations’ etc.
Modified Donation Entry System
Now you can enter donation as and when you receive it. You can enter date of clearance and other particulars later on upon clearance by the bank. This way you will know how much cheque are still uncleared by the bank and if your banker is too late to clear your cheque.
Easy to use input Screen
The input screens are easy to use. You can add new accounts and other codes while making the entries. You can also start a calculator with tape if you press * + – / while on amount field. For date field, you can display a calendar as required.
While entering account and other names, you can enter just a few letters of the code and the rest will be automatically filled in.
We provide all kind of support to enable you to use our products efficiently. You can write by mail, fax or email. For Support, visit our support page.
Never forget a date
Trust also have a to do list manager. In this you enter the dates on which you are suppose to undertake some work, Trust then reminds you about your pending schedule. Many of the dates relating to income tax and FC forms are already filled in.
More than Accounting
This is more than accounting. You get a to do list, report on late and non clearance of your cheque, report on large and overdue advances etc. etc.
Prints on Dot Matrix Printer
We have made special modules so that although you work under Windows, you can print report from Trust easily on a Dot Matrix Printer. Normally, when you print report from Windows on an ordinary printer, the print out are not good and they take longer to print and also hard on the printer. We understand accounting report can be lengthy and printing through windows could be a nightmare. Not with the report from Trust.


INR – Rs. 9,500/- with one year support and free upgrades

System Requirements

  • Any PC Running Windows 98 or later
  • 128MB RAM (256 MB Preferred)
  • CD Rom Drive to install software
  • Printer to Print reports
  • 20mb free space on your hard disk