WinAmpl – Accounting made Simple

WinAmpl is very easy to use and complete accounting software under Windows. It has rich features including printing support for DOT MATRIX PRINTERS. It has a powerful financial calculator. It is very easy and fast to setup. Typically you can start using this software in few hours.

WinAmpl is an extremely easy accounting software. It does not have the commercial functions such as sales, purchases etc. For small accounting requirements as well as accounting for not for profit organisation, it is highly suitable. The price is very reasonable and is affordable by very small organisation. Its pay back period is very short.

Target Users

WinAmpl is ideally suited for small to medium to trading business, not for profit organisation and for personal use. It can also be used by SOHO users.

Key Benefits

User Interface
  • WinAmpl has been developed on Windows Platform and follows Windows convention for user interface. The learning curve for using the application is very less. It can run on Windows 95 or later. The application is fully menu based. Data Entry screens are easy to understand and use.
  • Installation of the software is extremely easy.
  • Easy to use data screens are available in the entire programme. Besides, context sensitive help is available on pressing help [F1] key.
  • Powerful zoom edit is available from trial balance to voucher.

No Extra Cost for that Extra Feature

  • Most Affordable At its price WinAmpl is the most affordable accounting software presently available in India. It has got everything including cash and bank books, financial statements.
  • Easy to set up account heads. Our software does not force you to choose any accounting style. It is both a code based and codeless accounting software and it employs code to help you to set up your accounts more scientifically. You can fill up account heads by typing just a few key strokes and a new account head can be added from anywhere in the programme. Groups can be set up to consolidate similar account heads. There is no restriction on number of account heads.
  • Multiple Companies helps you to save cost. You can set up unlimited companies in your computer. This means you do not have to buy software independently for each of your company.
  • Rich Reports. WinAmpl includes all kinds of report. These includes list of your master data base, day books, ledger, trial balance, profit and loss account and Balance Sheet.
  • In build data back up and restore system. Data backup is very easy. Highly compressed data back up sets are made so that large volume of data can be backed up in less space. Besides, automatic data back up is done every 14 days on your hard disk and every seven days you are reminded to take back up on floppy. Data back up are in industry popular zip file format.
  • Developed on Windows but prints on Dot Matrix Printer. We have made special modules so that although you work under Windows, you can print report easily on a Dot Matrix Printer. Normally, when you print report from Windows on an ordinary printer, the print out are not good and they take longer to print and also it is hard on the printer. We understand accounting report can be lengthy and printing through Windows could be a nightmare. Not with the report from our software.

Easy Customisation / Extendability

WinAmpl, can be extended / customize to meet your specific requirement. Input and out put specification can be extended / customised.

  • It has been extended to meet the requirement where daily collection is high such as a hospital daily collection register or a school fees collection.
  • Another extension is unit accounting, where it can prepare consolidated accounts at the press of a buttons.

Contact us if you have any such requirements


INR – Rs. 3,500/- with one year support and free upgrades

System Requirements

  • Any PC Running Windows 98 or later
  • 128MB RAM (256 MB Preferred)
  • CD Rom Drive to install software
  • Printer to Print reports
  • 20mb free space on your hard disk